Traditional Grandfather Clocks

For people growing up with a grandfather clock in the home, they know the beauty of appearance and the comforting effect of the chimes. Traditional grandfather clocks have never lost in popularity although we have now seen a growing trend. With new designs, materials, and sizes coupled with the traditional characteristics we all love, you can enjoy a beautiful clock in your home, making a serious impression.


For instance, you could choose a grandfather clock made from genuine hardwoods such as oak or mahogany. Often, today's options include some veneer work as molding to finish off the look. The result is an elegant clock that gives you the effect of stepping back in time. Another beautiful feature is the bonnet, which wraps around the sides of the clock, as well as a carved shell overlay.


Perhaps you would appreciate individually number dial features, which include a cast iron disk, raised corner spandrels, and even a functioning moon dial with beautiful inscription. Of course, an oversized lyre pendulum is a nice touch. You will also find that some traditional grandfather clocks have lighting features, which could be used for an ambience or romantic setting. In fact, depending on the style of clock you choose, you will also find some that have a separate light for the movement and dial only.

Traditional grandfather clocks are stately. If you wanted something with elegance, then a clock made from cherry would be a beautiful choice. Adding to the ornate look, we would recommend you look for a swan's neck pediment, and if possible, one that is also designed with finial rests under the seat. Other beautiful features of a traditional grandfather clock include individually numbered dialing, large reed columns, carved column caps, and full-wrapping mid-collar, which is simply mesmerizing.


Many times, the mechanisms of the traditional grandfather clock include a locking door so little hands do not accidentally cause a problem. Then as far as the mechanisms, you will find you have a wonderful selection such as the mechanical cable driven movement. Even chimes vary from one manufacturer to another. Most include the famous Westminster chime, although others might feature Whittington or St. Michael chimes.

Finally, many of the traditional grandfather clocks made today vary in size. While you can still find the standard 93 inches height, others are smaller, perfect for small rooms or even apartment living. Remember, a grandfather clock is one piece that will never go out of style. A grandfather clock blends beautifully with any home decorum, easily used and enjoyed in a grand mansion or a small apartment. With so many possibilities, we suggest you take time to learn all you can about this type of clock and consider it for your next home purchase.