Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks

A grandfather clock is different from any other clock ever made. Although the history of clocks dates back more than 5,000 years, none has been as spectacular as the grandfather clock, originally known as a longcase clock. This particular style of clock is designed with specific features and made to last a lifetime. In fact, most grandfather clocks are passed down from one generation to the next.


With a grandfather clock, you have unique features to include the hands, trunk, base, finials, pediment, and dials. The hands of this clock are made from blued steel, which means the metal is heated to create rich, dark color. For the trunk, this is the body of the clock, boasting a door whereby the pendulum and weights could be reached. While the front of the grandfather clock is beautifully finished, the back of antique clocks is unfinished since they were made to rest against a wall.


Then, you have the base, which matches the case of the clock. For the finials, these are corner ornaments requiring some gentle care. The pediment is the top portion of the grandfather clock, which would be used in determining the age of a clock. Finally, the dials of antique clocks were painted on, often in beautiful styles. Today, many grandfather clocks have much more elaborate dials along with detailing.


You will find a number of reputable clock companies but one that stands out is Ridgeway. This company provides beautiful grandfather clocks for families around the world. The commitment to advancing technology, better materials, and even training is unmatched. The result of having highly skilled workers is the production of better quality clocks and incredible designs. First established in 1926, Ridgeway continues to be the oldest continuously produced grandfather clock brand in the country.

Since 1960, Ridgeway has created literally tens of thousands of masterpieces, many that have been and will be passed down as a family heirloom. In addition, all clocks made by Ridgeway are done so at the hands of American artisans. You can purchase with confidence, knowing every clock is made to perfection. Ridgeway is famous for beautiful eight-day mechanical chiming movements, as well as dual chime quartz movements. In addition, they have the only clock in existence that plays the traditional Westminster, along with America the Beautiful and God Bless America.

The designs produced by Ridgeway are truly innovative. You could choose from something traditional, made from rich mahogany or cherry, or a contemporary style grandfather clock with oak and black trim. No matter the style you choose, you will find the same high level of quality. Once you purchase a Ridgeway grandfather clock, you would register it so that if something to stop working or if you were to need questions answered, you and the clock's information would be conveniently on file.