Contemporary Grandfather Clocks

Traditional grandfather clocks have a beautiful look that we all love but over the years, these clocks have been modernized to work with contemporary styling homes and offices. Just because the clocks are changed does not take away from the elegance and sophistication of the grandfather clock. In fact, many people believe the modification enhances the clock's look. To give you a better understanding of what a contemporary grandfather clock looks like, we have pulled some options together for you.

One option of a contemporary grandfather clock features an automatic night silence feature, hidden storage room in a false bottom design cable-driven movement, various chimes, and more. Made from solid wood, the overall structure is elegant, perfect for a library, formal living room, or even an office. You would have your choice of various woods and finishes although cherry and mahogany look amazing.

Clean Clock

Now, if you prefer lighter colored wood, you could choose a contemporary grandfather clock with clean lines, a flat top pediment, and nickel finished molding. Then couple this with a white dial, nickel-finished bezel, and simplistic hour markers and you have a fabulous piece. Other features include nickel finishes on the weights, doorknob, base moldings, and pendulum. This clock also runs on a cable-driven movement system. Then, if you have children in the home, you would love the locking door. Finally, this contemporary clock has adjustable levelers, keeping the clock perfectly level.

Biedermeir Floor Clock

For something completely different, you could purchase a reproduction of the beautiful Biedermeir floor clock. Designed with a cherry burl veneer with smart black trimmings, this clock is a masterpiece. It features two, hand-polished black doors, each with cut crystal glass. Then, there are glass side panels, Arabic numerals, polished second pendulum, automatic beat adjustment, seconds indication, and automatic nighttime shut-off.

Finally, we wanted to tell you about another beautiful clock. This fresh design features a hand-polished black finished with cherry burl inlays. The result is so impressive. In addition, the glass is beveled, the hands are hand milled, and the second pendulum beautifully polished of brass. You will also enjoy the Westminster chime on an eight-rod gong, and many other wonderful features. The great thing about a contemporary grandfather clock is you get a perfect balance between old and new. As you age, you can pass your contemporary clock down to the next generation as a family heirloom.