Curio Grandfather Clocks

Without doubt, a wooden grandfather clock is a great way to add elegance and character to any home. The grandfather clock is a timeless piece, usually with beautiful detailing and a rich finish. Clock making has a 5,000-year history and today, remains an important part of our world. The first mechanical clocks were made during the latter part of the 13th century. Most historians believe these clocks were the designs of European monks. The design was simple, no dials or arms. In addition, these clocks were heavy and large.


Then in the mid-16th century, the pendulum was discovered. By 1656, a Dutch scientist developed the first clock operating on a pendulum, which became the basis for future grandfather clocks. Interestingly, these first prototypes were called "wags-on-the-wall" because of the side-to-side movement of the pendulum. Then by 1670, the pendulum design was lengthened, which became known as the "Royal Pendulum". With this, the grandfather clock was born, often with a design of more than seven feet tall.

Today, you will still find many homes that are adorned with an heirloom piece but in addition, you also see homes with newer designs of the old grandfather clock. As an example, curio grandfather clocks are simply gorgeous and highly functional. You could purchase one with a wide selection of woods and finishes. While you still have the same priceless feel of a traditional grandfather clock, you would enjoy the newer designs and styles.

Curio Cabinet

With curio grandfather clocks, you could use the cabinet for showcasing some of your family's favorite treasures. Depending on the style of clock you choose, some have mirrored backs and lighted interiors, which are beautiful for crystal displays. The combined clock and shelving is simply a smart addition to your home. Pricing for this type of grandfather clock also varies depending on a number of factors but generally, you would expect to pay around $2,000.

Another exquisite option for a curio grandfather clock is one finished with a rich, honey oak, and glass storage shelves. If you like, you could choose a bonnet pediment with an intricate embossed overlay. Of course, brass is always beautiful on grandfather clocks. Therefore, a brass dial with a circular brushed silver ring, antiqued brass corner spandrels, a center disk, and moon arch is stunning. Again, you could choose a mirrored back and interior lighting on the eight shelves.

Finally, for approximately $2,500, you might choose another elegant design that has the same design as old-fashioned grandfather clocks but with a contemporary flare. This type of clock is handcrafted, consisting of four pieces of glass and three glass display shelves, again perfect for highlighting your collectibles. This clock also offers quartz movement with a Westminster chime, mirrored back, and interior lighting. The key with any curio grandfather clock is to work with a reputable company, one that offers top workmanship and uses only quality materials.