Floor Grandfather Clocks

Typically, when you think of clocks, you expect to find something hanging on the kitchen wall, the bathroom wall, or perhaps the bedside table. However, over the years, we have seen some incredible design changes when it comes to clocks. For instance, we now see new materials, technologies, and styles such as floor clocks. Although the grandfather clocks is similar, floor clocks are very, unique.

While the grandfather clock is beautiful, it takes us back to an earlier generation. Today, people want something hipper while still being functional. When shopping for floor clocks, you will find a wide range of styles for contemporary, traditional, country, or whatever style you want. In addition, floor clocks come in beautiful materials and finishes, some hand painted, some wrought iron, and some with a classic look.


One of the most popular choices costs around $1,000 but worth every penny. This clock is designed with a smooth operation and side-to-side rhythm with a contemporary flair. The frame is constructed of aluminum, which is supported by a strong weight base. The motion of this floor clock is controlled by an electromagnetic drive, pulling the weighted pendulum. The dial of the clock is white, which is framed beautifully by an aluminum bezel, along with a black bar hour marker and black hands.

Another wonderful choice for floor clock is made with a cabernet finish on wrought iron. This German four/four quartz dual chime is made to play Ava Maria or Westminster, whichever you prefer. The hour strike is a separate feature, along with an adjustable night silence and volume control option. The faux marble design is sheik, featuring recessed numeral markers and an antique pendulum, which is fully functional.


Now, if you love a European look, imagine having a floor clock made with an organic leaf and vine motif that encircles the arch top. This floor clock is extremely elegant, offering a metal case that is finished in antique platinum with a wonderful crackle finish. Then, the pediment and base of the clock are made from delicately carved shell overlay. For the dial and base, these are formed from cast stone with ornamental embossed detailing.

For a wonderful accent piece, you could choose a floor clock designed to make an impression. In this case, the clock is masterfully designed using age-old, hand-forged techniques. The finished product is rich and contemporary with the clock setting on top of a wrought-iron frame that is gorgeous. The top is embellished with a cross metal design, as well as three display shelves. Then, the floor clock is made with a round face made from copper-toned marble.

Asian Design

Finally, if you love the look of Oriental, you could choose a floor clock with an Asian design for around $1,200. This clock is almost seven feet tall, featuring an automatic nighttime shutoff and volume control feature. The floor clock is all hand-painted along with a center case for hidden storage. The clock also boasts a separate hour strike, playing one of two songs. In traditional red and black Oriental colors, this floor clock is simply magnificent.