Repair Grandfather Clocks

If you are the proud owner of a grandfather clock, then chances are there will be occasion when some type of adjustment or repair is needed to keep it running perfectly. Grandfather clocks have been around for a long time and today, continue to be an impressive piece in homes across the country. In this first part of grandfather clock repairs, we wanted to address one of the common issues that might arise.

Pendulum Bob

For starters, sometimes the pendulum bob needs to be adjusted. This round brass disc is located on the bottom portion of the pendulum, which is held in place with a nut found on the bottom of the bob. The pendulum and bob work together to ensure the clock keeps accurate time. For instance, if the bob were raised up, you would find the clock running fast. However, if the bob were lowered, the clock would run slower. A good rue of thumb is that accuracy within one minute per week is expected, slow, or fast.

In this case, if you find the bob needs adjusting, you first want to determine if the bob needs to be raised or lowered. For this, simply pay attention to the accuracy of the clock. If the clock needs to be speed up, you would turn the nut on the bob slightly to the right while slowing the clock down would require a left-hand turn. Remember to make small adjustments and then again time the clock over a 24-hour period to determine if the adjustment was correct or if more is needed. This process usually takes a couple of days so remain patient.

Pendulum Rod

When purchasing a new grandfather clock, you should check to see if the pendulum rod has one or two nuts. The reason is that if the rod has two nuts, the clock will likely run far more accurately. Unfortunately, some people think the second nut is a lock, which is not correct. All you want to do is make sure the bottom nut is not touching the top one. If you need to make an adjustment with a two-nut design, then you can allow the top nut to be raised or lowered, again to speed up or slow down the clock for better accuracy. The weight of this top nut and turning slighting to the left or right is all that you need to make time adjustments.

Use a Professional

Now, obviously this is a simply fix but there are instances with a grandfather clock when a professional is needed. We would recommend you determine the problem if possible, and then look for do-it-yourself solutions. However, if you are faced with something a little more challenging, locate a reputable clock company in your area, one that would make house calls. After all, a functional grandfather clock is a very special and timeless experience.