Grandfather Clock Prices

The grandfather clock, which is known by other names to include the longcase, floor, or tallcase clock, is an excellent way to bring sophistication and style to any home. Although you could shop around for antique grandfather clocks, we see many people preferring newer clocks for a number of reasons. For instance, a new style grandfather clock is made with automatic winding options, as well as a larger choice of chimes. Because this type of clock continues to be a favorite addition to homes across the country, we wanted to provide you with more information specific to style and price options.


For instance, you could purchase a contemporary style grandfather clock made in rich cherry for both the hardwood and veneer portions of the design. If you were to purchase a clock that also featured a split pediment and fluted keystone, as well as moon phase accents and decorative brass-finished weights and pendulum, you would expect to pay anywhere between $1,800 and $2,300. Other features for this price would likely included a glass-mirrored back, illuminating case, cable-driven chimes, chime silence option, and even adjustable floor levelers. A new grandfather clock of this caliber would measure 85 inches tall and be made by a top manufacturer.

Another gorgeous option would be a new grandfather clock made from maple with cherry veneers. In this case, you would enjoy a cable-driven clock with your choice of several chimes. Again, the clock boasts a chime silence feature, as well as hidden storage in a false bottom. The construction would be high quality with a strong two-year warranty. For this magnificent grandfather clock, prices are generally around $4,200. However, by shopping smart, you would likely find many bargains, possibly bringing the price down to $2,800.

Lighter Woods

If you prefer a grandfather clock made with lighter woods and simple lines, then you could choose something with an urban look and feel. For instance, you might enjoy a flat top pediment with nickel finish molding, white dial with nickel finished bezel, and even simplistic hand markers. With this type of grandfather clock, you enjoy all the features of a traditional clock but with modern characteristics. Something just as this would cost around $3,000, although you could again keep your eyes open for some excellent bargains.

Biedermeier Clock

Now, if you want to make an impressive statement with a newer style grandfather clock, you could with a reproduction Biedermeier clock. Made with cherry burl veneer and black trim, this clock is simply stunning. Features include two, hand-polished black doors featuring cut crystal glass, glass side panels so the internal movements of the clock can be seen, an enamel dial with Arabic numerals, automatic beat adjustment, and nighttime silence option, this type of grandfather clock is priced at the upper end of the scale but well worth every dime. Typically, you would expect to pay between $5,500 and $8,500, depending on the manufacturer, as well as any sales.