Purchasing Grandfather Clocks

If you are in the market for a grandfather clock, it is essential that you know and understand the functionality. With this, you would be able to choose a gorgeous piece but one that offers the types of features you want. Whether looking for an antique or new clock, the considerations would be very similar. In the Grandfather Clock Buying Guide II, we will discuss the internal part of the grandfather clock but in this first article, we wanted to address more of the styling options.


With styles, you have a number of great choices, which means that no matter your decorum, there will be several selections from which to choose. With a traditional grandfather clock, you would be choosing a clock that is designed with a traditional style. Typically, this means the clock would have a case of various shades, as well as metal detailing and beautiful carvings. With a traditional grandfather clock, you would likely need to purchase an antique piece.


Now, the other end of the spectrum is the contemporary grandfather clock. In this case, the design features natural elements, brushed metal finishes, and clean lines. In other words, while you would still have many of the style features as the traditional grandfather clock the contemporary clock is not as elaborate. Then, there is the transitional grandfather clock. In this case, you have a nice balance between old and new styles. For this reason, transitional grandfather clocks are exceptionally popular.

Crown Style

Another consideration for a grandfather clock is the crown style. For instance, there is the bonnet option, which is elegant while featuring the traditional staggered waves. For the split pediment, the top is split, most often with a finial. You could also go with an arched crown, which means the face of the clock now becomes the main focal point. Finally, a flat crown is seen most commonly in transitional grandfather clocks, meaning it works well with both traditional and contemporary style homes.

Curio Cabinet

Other wonderful options to consider with a grandfather clock includes going with one that is also a curio cabinet. In this case, you could enjoy the clock while having a place to display some of your favorite figurines, vases, or pieces of crystal. In this case, the clock case would have a mirrored back panel, glass sides for viewing the internal movements, and lighting.

Ornamented Pediments

You might also look into ornamented pediments, which means you have exceptional curving, which is a great accent for the curio style clock. In addition, if you have smaller children, you should consider a locking grandfather clock, which would ensure the weights or other intricate internal parts are not damaged. Finally, choosing a grandfather clock with adjustable knobs for leveling is a huge benefit. This way, you can level the clock without hassle so it runs efficiently.