Clock Care
Grandfather clocks are often very delicate items and can be difficult to care for, clean, or maintain. One reason has to do with the mechanical parts inside of the clock.
Longcase clocks have a large pendulum that moves back and forth. This pendulum moves in some clocks by using the potential energy stored in hanging weights. These are suspended during the winding process.
Shapes and Styles
One of the most decorative and elegant pices of furniture is the gandfather clock. Many people have been enamoured with this clocks long body, elegant face, and dials. These types of clocks come in many different shapes, styles, sizes, and types. For example, when most people think of a grandfather clock, they think of a clock made out of dark wood with a very tranditional look and feel. However, these types of clocks can come in different colors and shapes. some more modern clocks are silver and have streamlined pendulums and sleek styles. Other longcase clocks may be representative of a particular time or geographic area. These styles can have faces in other larnguages from Chineese to Arabic. They also can have different shaped dials and hands on the face.
One of the most important factors for prlacing a value on an antique longcase clock is the maker of the clock. some older clock makers made clocks that were so rare and of such high quality that they are prized by collectors.
Many people purchase or enjoy a clock for the chimes. There are many different musical sounding that can be created by clock chimes. Some of the most popular are the Westminster chime based on a famous London clock.
If you are considering purchsing a grandfather clock, you will find that even the cheapest clocks cost about $400 while higher quality ones may be several thousand.